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Business Links

Electronic forms technology. Read about the issues in forms technology and how Formatta has very elegantly solved them.

Jeff Hartley and Associates
Bundaberg based accountant and software developer. Check out the range of accounting software available. You'll be surprised !

Practical systems
Farm management software specialists.

Our South Australian associate in Adelaide. Barcode and mobile technology hardware resellers and software specialists.

Western Computer
Our Brisbane associate. Western Computer provide corporate sales, training and support in the Brisbane regional area.

Humour and Information Links

What website would be complete without a section where you can have a bit of a laugh ?

'Because you can read, and we have a website'. Satire on the news.

Pets or Food
Feeling hungry ? How about a Red King Snake cutlet ?

Weather Radar
Look at the Bureau of Meteorology radar scans of weather patterns around Australia. Updated every ten minutes, 128 km or 256 km radius.

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