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Horticulture Software Solutions and Harvest TraceMaster - Who we are and what we do!

Horticulture Software Solutions was established in 1996, with the vision to deliver efficient pack house software solutions to grower/packers, central packers and marketing groups throughout Australia. Since the commercial release of our pack house product, Quality Assurance, Category Management and e-commerce have become an integral part of the Fresh Food Industry. Due to this change a decision was made to completely re-engineer the existing Harvest TraceMaster program into an integrated suite of software applications, to provide an industry-standard software platform that would manage the business processes of the whole fresh food supply chain in a B2B electronic environment. 

Our industry experience and grass roots approach to systems design has resulted in providing an industry solution that delivers measurable business costs reductions, real productivity gains, real-time product information and market intelligence for any fresh food supply/demand chain.

During the past five years, many changes have occurred in the traditional methods of wholesaling and distribution of fresh produce, from the central markets system to retailers in domestic and global markets. Due to Australian Food Standard Laws and Quarantine regulations, each link in the Supply Chain has had to become more responsible for traceability in their sector of the supply chain to more efficiently manage the distribution and sale of their product. Producers are being asked to extend their horizons past the farm gate and the wholesale markets and understand that they are an integral part of the whole fresh food supply/demand chain, focusing increasingly on delivering product that fully satisfies consumer expectations.

This consolidation has seen the formation of marketing groups, network alliances and centralized packing and distribution businesses in virtually every commodity sector of the horticulture industry, a trend which will only accelerate in the next five years.
New industry requirements for product traceability, business transaction transparency for marketing groups and product inventory management from multiple packhouse locations will require sophisticated tracking systems to fully harness their potential.

By way of example, consider a national marketing group with 100 members, in nine production regions, located across three states, all needing to co ordinate distribution and sales from a central location. Each production region has multiple pack houses from which product needs to be coordinated for delivery in several states simultaneously. Efficient and accurate information systems are critical to the success of such organizations, if they are going to reliably deliver product that meets consumer expectations for quality and food safety.

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