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Please refer to the sub-headings in the menu at left for details on product features.

Products fall into the following categories :

Stand alone products

Products written for Growers, Packers, Agents and Buyers which are installed on the business's PC network. The products are designed to run on their own and either manage the business or provide access to sent data. An internet connection is not required. If internet is present, these products can share data with the messaging products.

Web Site Access Licenses

The web site supports different types of logins.
Growers may view pack out, consignment status and remittance details.
Packers primarily have access to upload and download data.
Agents may view consignment details and enter product pricing back to the packer.
These access licenses are inexpensive and are an excellent way of giving third party access to Harvest TraceMaster information.

Mobile and Barcode Scanner Products

Owners of the stand-alone Harvest TraceMaster products may choose to utilise hand held data entry and barcode scanning devices.
Products are available for consignment confirmation, inventory location tracking and more. See 'HTM Mobile' in the menu at left. Note that these product necessitate the purchase of barcode scanners and associated infrastructure.

Messaging Product

The Messaging product allows all types of Harvest TraceMaster products, including the Central Web Site, to communicate with each other via our secure encrypted messaging system.

Electronic Forms

Electronic forms are an inexpensive method of keeping Farm and QA records. The forms technology we utilise is legally equivalent to paper since it can be locked and encrypted on completion. Forms may be stored on a central web site with a permissions system to allow access to selected clients and/or auditors. An excellent way of reducing audit costs.


Please contact us for pricing details on all products.

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