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Harvest TraceMaster Mobile Technology Overview

Mobile devices such as the Palm Pilots are increasingly more popular technology options. Within three years, wireless connection to the internet and local company networks will become a standard option for these devices.

Industrial PDE (Portable Data Entry) and Barcode scanner devices are in many cases identical technology with the following additions :

  • ruggedised case (ie. shock and dirt/moisture resistant), specialised shapes (eg. pistol grip, forklift mount)
  • barcode reading hardware
  • optional wireless networking option to line-of-sight base station
  • optional data storage and periodic batch upload of data to PC via cradle

There are a wide range of handheld scanners and PDA devices available, with a wide range of displays, costs, additional features and running various operating systems.

Preferred Supplier

Symbol Technologies are a worldwide supplier of industrial scanners, with a wide range of features and options available.
HSS has developed a partnering relationship Symbol accredited agents and developers in Queensland and South Australia.

The Symbol PDT8100 is an example of a medium range cost PDA, offering wireless communications, barcode scanning, colour screen (significantly easier to read under varied light conditions) and robust industrial grade operating specifications.   Click here for a link for the PDT8100 information site

Software has been developed using the PDT 8100 unit, but may be run on any scanner unit with a similar size screen.

Software Development

Datanet SA is a specialist barcode solutions developer and Symbol reseller in Adelaide, South Australia. In conjunction with HSS, Datanet have developed a PDA interface to Harvest TraceMaster.

Development has been done in Wavelink Studio, which allows any wireless networked PDA with the matching screen size to use the software.

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