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The e-TraceMaster Internet Hub

A key point of the Harvest TraceMaster software design is that it does not lock client businesses into using a web site. Our central web site provides functions which can greatly enhance the value of the stand alone software :

Web based business reporting and data entry for third parties

A pack house or market agent will interact with many other businesses which may have widely varying forms of software infrastructure.
The Harvest TraceMaster product can upload and download data to and from a central web site. The central web site can then be used to disseminate data or to provide a low cost interface for another company to enter data which can be directly imported into the Harvest TraceMaster software.
Licenses to access the web site are inexpensive, and the data accessible to each licensed user is strictly controlled.

Message Exchange Centre

Stand alone Harvest TraceMaster products can exchange data with each other or with the central web site's server.
A central message server 'post office' co-ordinates the data messages and ensures they get to their destinations.

Management of Security and Authentication

A secure data exchange and storage system is the foundation of the Harvest TraceMaster system.
Strong encryption is performed on all data messages transferred, and secure connections are used to convey all sensitive information.
A central authentication server co-ordinates the registration of users and issue of encryption keys and allows real-time authentication of the origin of any message.

Stability and Reliability

e-TraceMaster is hosted by OzHosting, one of the largest internet hosting companies in Australia.
Their Sydney hosting warehouse boasts all you would expect from a dedicated hosting company; multiple redundant high speed internet connections, Uninterruptible Power Supply with diesel backup generators, physical security with an air-conditioned dedicated server room, and daily server backups.
In short, you can expect excellent service delivery to anywhere in the world.

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