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Buyers are the end customer of the marketing chain, and deal with agents who resell or stage the distribution of produce from packhouses.

Buyers are interested in stock levels and being able to place orders electronically. In general, if the day to day Quality Assurance requirements are met, buyers do not demand traceability for produce up front but may demand that the agent can provide complete traceability records in the event of a recall or audit. Traceability needs of buyers vary widely.

Buyer Products

The agent may choose to allow the buyer to see stock levels for a particular product, and to place orders for the product electronically. These orders go into a 'quarantine area' for the salesman to approve and convert to a fully fledged order. As always, the information shared by the agent is carefully controlled via the Harvest TraceMaster 'trust relationships' established between organisations.

The buyer product will allow the buyer to check stock levels, submit orders and monitor order approval.

Buyers may choose three methods of interacting with the agent :

  • The buyer faxes or mails the reports to the agent.
  • The agent uploads the stock information to the central web site, and the buyer logs in to the web site and may view stock, raise orders and monitor orders online (this requires e-TraceMaster Buyer Registration).
  • Buyer installs Harvest TraceMaster Buyer on their own PC, and is sent stock and order data directly by the agent or downloads it from the web site. Buyer may then browse and print the information offline.
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