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Supply Chain Management for the Fresh Food Industry

Agents and Merchants

The agent's role is to receive, warehouse, prepare and sell the produce sent by the packhouse. This may be undertaken on a commission basis or a merchant basis (involving outright sale of the product to the agent).

The agent must bill all their buyers and on finalisation of sales for a consignment, report pricing back to a packer.

Market Agent Management Products

Business Structure

  • A flexible company and infrastructure model (multiple offices/DC's/pack houses etc) for own business and all third parties (eg. packers, unloaders, transport companies, buyers) 
  • Editable Payment Terms, Credit Terms, Credit Hold etc. per Company
  • Flexible stock tracking structures for all sites through user-configurable storage facilities 

Product characteristics: 

  • Produce Type (eg. Tomato, mango) 
  • Variety 
  • Size or Count 
  • Colour
  • Brand 
  • Class (eg. First, Second) 
  • Pack Type (eg. 14kg Carton, 7kg Tray, hat bin) 

Traceability levels in stock control: 

  • carton/tray (unique carton number) 
  • pallet (unique pallet number) 
  • none (ie. Stock Sheet level only) 

(note: If tracking containers on any level, this is usually done with the aid of handheld wireless scanners) 

Real time stock control through direct entry of: 

  • Receivables (Stock Sheets), managing a designated batch of product
    • In Transit
    • Received
    • Part Sold
    • Fully Sold
    • Fully Priced
    • Released
    • Advised
    • Paid
  • Sales, with following sales types
    • Cash
    • Account
    • Credit
    • Allowance
    • Provisional (Buyer Order)
    • Unpriced Sale
    • Consignment 

Flexible charging and costing:

  • Any number of customisable Levies, Transport Charges, Packing Charges, Commissions, Unloading Fees, Storage Fees
  • Transport information supports Trans-Shipping
  • All charges may be configured as costs (to agent), charges (by agent to client) or both (cost passed on to client)
  • Supports Pooling (averaging) of prices and charges by Consignment, by Pack Date, or by Sell Date.
  • Pallet Hire Tracking, paperwork generation with local tally or dehire options
  • Flexible Periodic Billing with optional Billing Agency (eg. BMCA)
  • Woolworth’s and Fresh Direct Invoice formats, with TI/HI, TU and Item Numbers
  • Built in ledger or use external ledger (eg. Accounting Software)
  • Sales Tracking by department, supplier, buyer and category

Full paperwork and analysis reporting:

  • Purchase Memos, Stock Reconciliation, Grower Remittances, Dissections, Discrepancies, Exception reporting, Shortages
  • Buyer invoicing (incl. Woolworths, Coles)
  • Profit by Salesman/Division, Account aged balances
  • Benchmarking, market/buyer performance analysis


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